Don’t Fall Victim To The Con

You know what I found out?  I found out that we are not as great as we could be because those before us figured out what O.U.R. best way in this world should be. Now I am not saying that they are totally wrong or they did not have O.U.R. best interests at heart but hey…We may have gotten a whole lot further if we didn’t fall victim to the same C.O.N. they did.   You see one day a long long time ago some people ( most likely men ) got together in their infinite wisdom, uncertainties, fear and need to have a controlled system and laid down ground rules as to what is considered normal. Now the truth about their meeting we wouldn’tknow if it was concerning cornering wealth or creating a safe fair society. What we do know is that a lot of good came out of it and its fair share of bad, as with all things created by men (This includes you to sister). As time passed their children and our children and our children’s children will learn this same system. When this happens there is very little room for change, unless YOU DECIDE to look inside and follow your gut ( or GOD ). It is in that instant that you cease to fully conform and create something that as we read before can cause a lot of good, as well as its fair share of bad. So think about where we may not have been if Henry Ford, C.R Patterson, Philip Emeagwali, Bill Gates, Dr. Henry T. Sampson, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and countless others fell victim to the C.O.N.  So I say to my readers and those listening to the audio version of this post to think…WHAT IF? Question and create a better way and allow others to question your best and create better ways. Seems as if with all of the combinations of experiences our lives have to offer we can always find an agreed solution that fits the times. Let’s make that, the new norm so O.U.R. C.O.N. may put our children in a place that continuously grows. ( Own Uniqueness Required ) ( Conformity Of Normalcy ) I Am Not An Expert…I Just Happen To Make Sense. Ken BIG Blake – Your Empowerment G.U.I.D.E. – Get Understanding Intuitively Designing Expansion Have you confirmed your conform?

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