6 Things To Think About Before Investing Money Into A NEW Business

Assisting new and established business owners you will inevitably learn new concepts in searching for solutions to increase visibility and profitability. When I work with clients I use several of my personal systems uniquely tailored to their vision and industry. Depending on how far we have come through the discovery process we will always arrive for new business owners these 6 steps to consider that will save them time and money. 1. License – Does your venture require specific licenses for the area you are in or any licenses in general? 2. Insurance – What types of insurances will you need to purchase for your business or the equipment needed? 3. Location – Is the location giving you the maximum exposure needed or is your home office set up for success? 4. Building – Lease, rent, own or free space they will always tie into your bottom line. Will you be seeing clients? 5. Investment – Have you done your monthly, quarterly yearly guesstimated profit and loss? Where is this money coming from? 6. Timing – Is it your season? Don’t open a hotdog stand near a factory that is closing! You get the picture. I hope you found thinking a L.I.L. B.I.T. informative and able to bring a little clarity to your endeavors. Ken BIG Blake – Your Empowerment G.U.I.D.E.   

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